Changes to healing rate no longer possible

The Body Control example spell from the rulebook alters the rate at which the target heals bashing damage. This is not be possible and should not be considered a valid example. Damage can however be healed as per normal.

Animal features do not include traits that rely on the size, weight or cellular nature of the creature

An ant’s ‘lifting strength’ for example is a result of its small size (and the cube-square law) and could not be granted to a larger creature. Most unique features of the Archaea or Bacterial kingdom could not be duplicated by multi-cellular creatures and couldn’t be granted to animals or plants.

Life Arcanum is focused on mortal beings

Life cannot be used to affect Vampires (who are affected by Death) or Gentry (who are affected by Fate). Neither spirits nor ghosts possess living bodies so cannot be affected either.


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